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Heroic hound saves man with gunshot wound
Our heroic lifesaving adventure story for this month features 832’s Jason Walton (Jason), who works with his handler Deputy Cathy Bryarly of the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado. 

Recently, Deputy Bryarly and Jason were called to help search for an armed man who officers believed had fired on them; however, it turned out he had shot himself in the head and was badly wounded. Jason’s only scent article was the blood from the man’s head wound. 

The search lead them through backyards and up to several 6-foot privacy fences where Jason would have to refocus on the blood trail on the other side of the fence. They came to a concrete bike path where the guy went up one side, and then to a creek where he doubled back on the grass side of the path. The team did some circling on the bike path and came to a spot where five guys were standing around some blood. Jason smelled the blood and he immediately dragged Deputy Bryarly up a steep embankment to the top of the hill.

Jason turned left as Bryarly was looking right to get her bearings, and as she looked back at her four-legged partner, he was facing a person. The man was sitting down in the bushes, his face covered in blood, Deputy Bryarly called to the suspect “Let me see your hands” as she knew he had a weapon. SWAT teams came in as she pulled Jason to her side and out of harm’s way in case there was a gun battle.

They saved this man’s life and no officers or k-9s were harmed in what was a total of eight hours involving many different agencies and patrol dogs. Deputy Bryarly said this was their biggest find yet!

We are so proud of the heroic lifesaving work that Deputy Bryarly and Jason are doing for their community and surrounding areas as they put their lives on the line every day. We appreciate all of the officers that work with our bloodhounds and the many hours they give for their training, making them incredibly valuable in saving lives and bringing home our missing loved ones.

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Published on September 29, 2016 in Citrus County Chronicles, FL by 832's Kathy Phillips
Deputy Bryarly and 832's Jason of the Boulder County Sheriff's Office with the beautiful Rocky Mountains in the background
Boulder County, Colorado