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Additional professional activities
We provide training to law enforcement handlers. Bloodhounds become part of a team, and as such, we cannot content ourselves with providing skilled bloodhounds without recognizing that their handlers must also be trained to complement that skill. Utilizing a variety of seasoned professionals, we offer scenarios and training that is geared to maximize efficiency and success of the teams.

Strategic Plan
Recognizing that we are in our 17th year of operation, we have achieved unparalleled success in our original mission of saving lives. We are  in the final-phase in succession planning, which is, of course, an ongoing process. The Strategic Plan requires that this organization become self-sustaining within the three  years(if all services utilized were compensated, the cost of a single trained bloodhound team is nearly $50,000). While we will always rely on volunteers, the management and clerical positions must evolve into compensated roles for long term sustenance of the organization. 

Numerous critical projects have been developed, and are now awaiting funds. The timeline of implementation for these value-added projects has been delayed only by funding restrictions.

Professional experience

Current Management (all non-compensated)

•Duke Snodgrass, Executive Director became involved with bloodhounds in 1978, in response to an abduction/murder of a close family member. Throughout the years, he has increased the scope of his knowledge, and is recognized as a leader in the field of bloodhound development and deployment. He consults (and is consulted by) a variety of law enforcement entities, including the K-9 Evidence Response Unit of the FBI.

Board of Directors

•Angela Snodgrass, Chairman has a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Administration, and is a Certified Public Manager through FSU. Her work experience includes positions as Finance Director for the City of Inverness, FL, and Operations Director for the Citrus County Clerk of the Circuit Court.

•Ray Velboom, Director is retired from FDLE, and is currently the Chief of Police for Dade City, FL.

•Jean Heaton, Director is a retired farming business owner. She also functions as an active volunteer.

•Deb S McCoy, Director is an accountant and office manager in the field of construction, and holds an AA in Accounting.

•Rebel Snodgrass, Director is an entrepreneur, owning and operating several businesses throughout the Midwest.

•Eric Schultz, Director is a Deputy Sheriff and currently handles 832's Aspen Colorado. He is also an entrepreneuer of a business in MN.

We are incredibly proud to have an active group of volunteers, puppy nannies (for newborn to 8 weeks), foster parents (for puppies from 8 weeks to 8 months), trainers and law enforcement handlers who work with our placed bloodhounds. Through e-mail groups and networking, these separate units communicate daily on issues and problem-solving, as well as coordinating group meetings and events. Our Exec Director participates in each unit, giving advice or cautionary information to inquiries. Through this 24/7 support, the units are able to learn from others’ experience, and share their information as well, all working to increase the level of service available to their communities.

Community activities
When our bloodhound teams are not actively searching for missing children or adults, they are utilized as partners in crime solving. Whether establishing a direction of travel or actual location of a suspect, or finding crime scene evidence that is left along a trail, these dogs save time and resources by their unique scent-discrimination. Since their nature is non-aggressive, they are perfect for public relations, and often act as ambassadors of goodwill to young and old alike.


Kody Snodgrass Memorial Foundation

To save lives, and bring the lost home. We do this by raising, training and placing exceptional bloodhounds with law enforcement; this allows the bloodhounds to fulfill their natural instinct in service to their communities.
Accomplishments and Recognition
The organization has placed Over 240 trained bloodhounds across the nation and in Europe. Suicide intervention, missing children and disoriented seniors have comprised a staggering number of lifesaving ‘finds’. Our bloodhounds have been recognized as “Trailing Team of the Year” by FDLE and the Missing Children’s Clearinghouse. Our organization has been awarded “Hero of the Year” by Bay News 9, and was selected as an “Everyday Hero” by People Magazine in June, 2008. Our most important recognition, however, consists of the stories shared by our handler teams across the country.

Goals of the organization
Our goal is to place as many skilled bloodhounds in the hands of law enforcement as possible, resulting in lifesaving events. The organization was founded in 2001, following the death of Deputy Kody H. Snodgrass who was a remarkable handler to the Lake County Sheriff’s office bloodhound, and son of the founders, Duke and Angie Snodgrass. Its mission is to continue his vision of saving lives through partnership with bloodhounds and law enforcement, and is continued by so many who share a desire to make a difference in the outcome of life-threatening events.