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The POMONA EAGLES F.O.E 2215 of California have DONE IT AGAIN!
We are proud to announce the recent placement of 832’s Miss California, aka “Cali.”. Cali, a 14 month old bloodhound, was placed with the Yonkers Police Department on Sunday September 4th 2016. Cali officially started her tour of duty with her partner Officer Bobby Ascolillo. Officer Ascolillo has worked for the Yonkers Police Department for approximately six years. Both Cali and Officer Ascolillo attended a week of extensive training with Executive Director Duke Snodgrass, and other volunteers from 832’s K-9 Deputy Dogs Foundation.
Officer Ascolillo & 832's Miss California
Cali is the second bloodhound sponsored by the Pomona Eagles which is located approximately 30 miles from Los Angles California. Their extreme generosity will help reunite families with their loved ones in the city of Yonkers. 832’s Cali was fostered and trained by Veteran Volunteer and Handler Cesar Rivera and Stacie Paraska since she was nine weeks old. Cesar Rivera also used his children Anissa & Jake Rivera along with his neighbor Mark Carland who volunteered their time to train Cali.  

As we mentioned, this is the second bloodhound that the Pomona Eagles F.O.E 2215 has sponsored. In 2015, they sponsored 832’s Teeka. Teeka currently works for the New York Police Department with her Partner Officer Manny Orellana. In 2015 The Pomona Eagles had the opportunity to name their first bloodhound. After lots of research, they decided to name her Teeka which means “Helping the community young and old”. They decided this was a perfect name for her because the Pomona Eagles mission statement is “People helping people”.

The sponsorship has paid for veterinarian care, training, food, travel expenses and other essential items in raising and training both bloodhounds. The citizens of New York would not have these priceless Canines working in their state without the Pomona Eagle’s gracious hearts and sponsorship.

Officer Orellana & 832's Teeka 
If you have questions about Sponsoring a Canine, please email admin@deputydogs.org.
Officer Ascolillo / 832's Miss California &
Officer Orellana / 832's Teeka
 832's Teeka while being fostered/trained by Veteran Volunteer and Handler Cesar Rivera 

 832's Miss California, Foster Volunteer Stacie Paraska, Veteran Voulnteer & Handler Cesar Rivera, Anissa Rivera, Jake Rivera