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In the past seventeen years, we have been proud to place more than 240 trained bloodhounds to law enforcement across the nation. Our volunteers have given their time, effort and money to help each of these bloodhounds develop into strong partners for their law enforcement handlers. Additionally, our trainers have spent countless hours training the bloodhounds and training the receiving handlers, and helping acquaint them with the personality and characteristics of the bloodhound they receive.

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For the first seven years, all costs in excess of donations were borne by the founders and supporters of this organization. Beginning in 2008, we ask that receiving departments make a strong effort toward fundraising, in essence 'paying it forward' since others have donated previously to provide the dog being placed at that time.

832 K-9's Deputy Dogs has made a significant difference in many communities, and our trained bloodhounds have given great value to law enforcement. We feel that it is vitally important to continue this program, with your help. Our premise is simple: If those departments who have the ability to pay will do so (or pay some portion of those costs), we can continue to scholarship those departments who do not have that ability. There is Florida Attorney General's Legal Opinion stating legal precedent that drug forfeiture dollars can be utilized (while these dogs aren’t trained to track narcotics, they certainly are trained to track the narcotics dealers). 

Application Procedure:

The length between application and trial placement ranges from 2 weeks to 6 months, dependent upon availability of graduating bloodhounds.

Upon receipt of the Sheriff's acknowledgement letter, the Executive Director will contact you for additional information regarding the normal use of the dog. We will inquire about terrain, environment, and other factors. In that way, we will begin to determine which dog shows the specific talents that you will need.
Initially, you will submit a "Notice of Intent to Apply". This advisement allows us to anticipate the following: We require a letter from your Sheriff, on his letterhead, confirming his commitment to accept this dog on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office, and identifying you as the deputy assigned to handle the dog. Our expectation is that the Sheriff intends to incorporate the bloodhound into a working partnership within the department. A copy of the Handler Agreement should be printed for management review, and the handler will be required to attend a training session of one week (minimum) at one of our Florida training facilities. Occasionally it is possible to have the training take place at your department, although the trainer's expense would be borne by the receiving department.