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November 9, 2016 - Stearns Co, MN
 Wednesday, November 9th, 2016 was a memorable day for Executive Director Duke Snodgrass and Chairman Angie Snodgrass of the Kody Snodgrass Memorial Foundation. They had no idea of the meeting that would soon take place. 
Almost 4 years have passed since they placed two bloodhounds with the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office. November 18, 2012 is the day 832’s Aspen Colorado (Aka Aspen), and 832’s Olivia Walton (Aka Olivia) saved three year old Elizabeth Schafer’s life In St Stephen MN.
To read more of the original story published by the St. Cloud Times click the following link:  St Cloud Times - Bloodhounds Put To The Test
When Deputy Schultz was told the Snodgrass’s would be passing through Minnesota, he knew they had to meet the Schafer family. He immediately made contact with Elizabeth’s parents, Lyle and Becky Schafer. Both Lyle and Becky were very excited. Regardless of the time that had past, they are still grateful for the 832 Bloodhound Units who saved their daughter life. 
The following day, Deputy Schultz drove Duke and Angie Snodgrass into the farm yard. They appeared speechless as Deputy Schultz told the Snodgrass’s about the surprise meeting he had set up to meet Elizabeth Schafer, the child’s life they helped to save. They were met with open arms and gracious hearts by the Schafer family. The Snodgrass’s were able to meet Elizabeth, who is now seven years old and still remembers the freighting day. They reflected on the emotional memories as they walked through the farm yard explaining the events that had unfolded. The group eventually made it to the large building where Elizabeth had fallen headfirst into the large round bales of hay.

Lyle and Becky Schafer spoke about the position Elizabeth was in when she was found; how she was wedged in bales of hay weighing almost 2000 pounds and how the bales would have eventually crushed her. The Schafer’s explained how the end result could have been tragic without the availability of the 832’s bloodhounds on that Sunday afternoon. Emotions ran high between the Schafer’s and the Snodgrass’s as they spoke about the incident.

​“This is what the organization is all about, bringing the lost home” Said Duke Snodgrass. Both families exchanged hugs as the Snodgrass’s left with a gift basket. The basket included a picture of Elizabeth, and several homemade Thank You cards from Elizabeth’s siblings. As they were about to leave, Duke Snodgrass took a Bloodhound pin which he has always worn on his jacket and placed it in Elizabeth’s hand for her to keep.

“There is a high possibility the Schafer family would not have Elizabeth if it wasn’t for Duke and Angie Snodgrass, or the Foundation” said Deputy Schultz.

Deputy Schultz and Elizabeth Schafer
Duke Snodgrass and Lyle Schafer discuss the details at the location where Elizabeth was located
Duke & Angie Snodgrass take a picture with Elizabeth in front of where she was trapped
Duke & Angie Snodgrass get a tour of the farm  and talk about the complicated track 832's Bloodhounds worked in 2012.
Duke & Angie Snodgrass and the Schafer Family in front of the hay bales where Elizabeth was located. 
Duke Snodgrass and Lyle Schafer talk in the same location where Lyle Schafer spoke with the St Cloud Times in 2012
Lyle Schafer shares important facts about the incident.