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Our foster program is the foundation of our success!



832 K-9’s Deputy Dogs places bloodhound puppies in appropriate homes and facilities to enhance their socialization process. They need to be exposed to a variety of situations, places, sounds and people, almost like ‘pre-school’. Although this is not a formal training program, it gives young bloodhounds a sense of comfort and security to begin their lives as working members of the law enforcement community.

Fostering a puppy is greatly rewarding, and extremely difficult. Rewarding, because the generous people in the foster home know that some day ‘their’ dog may help save a lost child, and difficult, because the foster family grows to love and cherish ‘their’ dog, even realizing that the puppy they help socialize will leave the security of their home for a very important job.

   We place our puppies in foster homes when they are 7 weeks old, until they are 7-8 months old. The foster home socializes the puppy and works to promote confidence, boldness and INQUISITIVENESS. This helps give our bloodhounds the extra drive to become working partners in law enforcement. Then, when its time for some serious work to begin, the puppies are returned to 832 K-9’s and they begin Boot Camp.

Please e-mail us if you are interested in becoming a foster parent!  Our amazing team of regular and part-time volunteers are committed to helping others. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? Learn more in the 'Our Programs' section, or send us an email in the 'Contact Us' section! 

Our History



   The Foundation, as 832 K-9's Deputy Dogs, is dedicated to the memory of Deputy Kody H. Snodgrass, of the Lake County Sheriff's Office. Deputy Snodgrass grew up helping to train bloodhounds, and was a natural to assume the responsibility of Handler to the department's bloodhound, ALIE Jimmy. His badge number was 0832, and is incorporated into the organization's name.

    The pairing of Deputy Snodgrass and "Jimmy" seemed a natural fit, and resulted in many successful tracks for Lake County. Whether wading through   swamps or scenting through urban areas, both Deputy and Dog were ready to track.  As a result of a traffic accident, Deputy Snodgrass died within 2 weeks of his 25th birthday, in October, 2001. He was a wonderful son, a positive and responsible man with a generous and adventurous spirit. He was a considerate peace officer, and proud of his service to the community. His death profoundly affected a great many people.

     Shortly before his accident, he had purchased a young bloodhound to begin training for use in law enforcement. Kody's parents and friends have chosen to continue his good works, by founding this not-for-profit organization. It is one small way that Kody's dreams live on, and continue to benefit others.

      This organization's original funding came from Kody's modest life insurance. It continues today through donations, both private and public, and we hope that anyone who values our goals, might choose to help sponsor a puppy. Occasionally, a few puppies are offered for sale to search/rescue, and the funds collected are used for care, feeding, and training of the animals selected for our law enforcement placement program.

       Additionally, we coordinate the placement of retired tracking dogs or dams, if for some reason their handlers cannot keep them in their retirement. Please contact us if you are interested in fostering a retiree, they are wondrous family companions. 

Our Mission



The Kody Snodgrass Memorial Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to saving lives.  We do this by providing law enforcement with exceptional bloodhounds trained for scent-discriminating police work. 832 K-9's Deputy Dogs, breeds, raises, and trains registered bloodhounds. Additionally, we provide training for the new handler, thereby creating an effective team who are able to locate missing persons or disoriented seniors, evading suspects and assisting in criminal cases.   

Our goal is to provide these trained bloodhounds to agencies and communities to save lives. If you are a law enforcement officer, or an official within a branch of law enforcement, additional information is available about our Placement Program. 832 K-9's Deputy Dogs has proudly placed over 250 trained bloodhounds with law enforcement since 2001.  

The Kody Snodgrass Memorial Foundation, Inc. d/b/a 832 K-9's Deputy Dogs is supported by Our Sponsors, fundraisers,volunteers, training seminar attendees, and individuals just like you. We are not supported by any governmental grants or programs, but instead rely on the generosity of like-minded groups and individuals who see great value in the results of our work. The life-saving successes of our working bloodhounds are astounding, and our most sincere appreciation goes to those who support those efforts.

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