Bloodhounds Making a Difference Since 2001


Scent-Discriminating Bloodhounds since 2001

Heartfelt Thanks to all of our Supporters!

The greatest volunteers EVER!


Our Volunteers are the greatest in the world, from the breeding and puppy-raising, the incredible foster program volunteers, and the trainers from across the nation, we are incredibly blessed by having such a fabulous group of volunteers, and we adore them! donates 100%


Once a year, one of our portuguese water dogs has a litter of gorgeous puppies, and all proceeds are donated to!

The Weiler Foundation


This wonderful foundation has supported our cause on an annual basis--we couldn't do it without them!

The Harper Family Foundation


Our sincere appreciation to the Harper Family Foundation, in their steadfast support of our cause.

Benton Telecommunication, MN


Our grateful thanks to Benton for funding two of our 2018-19 bloodhounds in training!

Arthur B Fairman Charitable Trust


Year after year, this Foundation has supported our mission to save lives by providing highly trained bloodhounds to the law enforcement community.

The Daniel Foundation


The Daniels Foundation has been pivotal in the successful expansion of the breeding program in Wetumpka, AL, resulting in the whelping of 16 young bloodhounds in training and foster to date!

Wind Creek Casino Hospitality


We are so thankful for the support of the Wind Creek Casino in Wetumpka (and enjoy being patrons to their fabulous casino)!  They are wonderful community partners!

Central Alabama Community Foundation


The Central Alabama Community Foundation cares!  They have visited our Alabama breeding facility, and are tremendous partners in our mission.  You have made it happen---thanks so much!

And like-minded individuals who support with time or money!


A special thanks to all the volunteers who worked tirelessly to host the 2019 Spring Training in Venice, FL.  What a great workshop!